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What we've delivered recently

Users can now saved their verified information

Users can now save and reuse their verified personal information using ScotAccount.

This will help users save time and effort by allowing them to use their saved information to apply online for public services in Scotland. 

What we're working on now

Our initial service uses photo ID and facial matching to verify a user’s identity. We're adding alternative routes, starting with knowledge-based verification. Knowledge-based verification involves asking a series of questions that only the individual user would know the answers to.

Knowledge-based verification

Knowledge-based verification requires users to answer some questions about themselves rather than verifying their identity by taking a photo of themselves and their passport, driving licence or biometric residence permit (BRP).


As we’re still at an early stage, our plans may shift. We’ll update this page when this happens and add more detail when we can.

We’ll keep sharing the latest developments at our regular show and tells too. These are held fortnightly over Teams. Contact us if you would like to join our show and tells.

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