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Get started

We want to hear from you about using ScotAccount as part of your service. It does not matter if your service is an existing service with current users, or one that is currently in development.

You can try ScotAccount in our test environment, and integrate it with your service to see how it will work. Before accessing our test environment, we will ask you to agree to a brief terms of engagement about how you should use the environment and the controls we have in place.

Email us to check your service in our test environment.

Once you’re happy

If you’ve tested ScotAccount and you want to use it for your service, you can request to join our private beta.

Once you’re in the beta, you can access ScotAccount’s production environment and go live.

Find out more about private beta, including our eligibility criteria and what to expect if you join.

Contact us

If you have questions or feedback you can contact us by email.

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